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  • £45 p/h up-to (and including) art nude

  • £170 for half day (4 hours)

  • £300 for full day (up to 8 hours)

  • Dance / Fetish work: Please contact me with specific details at the point of booking, my rates may vary depending on the levels/amount of work involved. "Fetish work" is a HUGE category - I am very open minded as long as everything is discussed in advance (at the point of making the booking, so I can consent to the specific content before any travel plans etc. are made). Please note that whilst I have fetish style work in my portfolio with certain photographers, it is only because I have built up a personal level of trust. Please DO NOT assume I am comfortable with anything that has not been directly discussed before a shoot commences.

  • Duo work: please contact me for rates and specific details, I am happy to work to artistic nude with other models and can highly recommend a selection of models I am happy working alongside. 

  • Studio/Model days: please contact me for rates (discounts available) and see my plans on my blog


All travel costs to be covered
Minimum 2 hour booking

* Please note I will require warm up/preparation time for any kind of strenuous posing - mainly high energy art-nudes or dance work *


I am a human being, I always try to be understanding as sometimes things happen beyond our control and in "normal" circumstances I will always try to re-arrange if a shoot gets cancelled - please be honest with me, i'm not interested in made up excuses (I will only re-arrange once with no cancellation fee, otherwise my tour policy will apply as below - please don't continually waste my time).

Tour bookings/cancelations:

  • Deposits: I take a 50% deposit for long distance/tour bookings (especially if we have never worked together). This will be deducted from my total fee on the day and if for any reason I have to cancel my tour you will be refunded this deposit in full as soon as possible. This is both to secure the booking and for my safety (I don't like to travel carrying a lot of cash!)

  • Cancellations up to 1 week before me leaving for a tour (tour start date or actual shoot date if not touring) will incur a 50% cancellation fee as it is unlikely I can fill your booking and may have to make alternative travel/accommodation plans (I usually book travel in advance)

  • Cancellations within 48 hours of a shoot will require payment in full as it is highly unlikely that I will have the time/access to make other arrangements for this time slot and is likely to have cost me in travel and accommodation.

Please assume that I will bring a chaperone as standard procedure and will not work on location with anyone I have not previously worked with. I have a number of fantastic studios I can happily recommend on request.

Styling & Themes:


Please discuss your ideas on styling in advance of the shoot, along with whether a MUA/hairstylist will be present on the day. I can do my own hair and makeup to a competent standard but always recommend the use of a good makeup artist/stylist for best results. (I can provide details of good make-up artists on request).

Due to my very limited availability please provide as much information as possible in your initial enquiries including: 

  • Main themes/ideas for the shoot

  • Date(s)

  • Location

  • Duration

  • Whether a MUAH stylist will be present or not 

  • Any specific items you would like me to bring 

I am also happy to supply a list of studios around the country depending on your location and requirements.

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