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Terms & Conditions

I am an incredibly hard working model with a friendly and creative attitude, however this is my full time business and hence I ask that you read, respect and adhere to my terms and conditions. By making a booking with me you agree to the below conditions:

  • Payment: Whether in the UK or abroad, I always take a deposit on any booking and require the remaining balance to be settled on the day before  the photographic session commences. Please discuss payment methods with me in advance of the shoot.

    • Deposits: I take a 50% deposit for all bookings. This will be deducted from my total fee on the day and if for any reason I have to cancel you will be refunded this deposit in full as soon as possible. This is both to secure the booking and for my safety (I don't like to travel carrying a lot of cash!)

  • Start and finish times: I don't charge an hourly fee for my travel time to/from the shoot but please be aware that I am often travelling for a number of hours to your destination. I will always arrive to the nearest train station/meeting point with at least a 10 minute meet and greet period, allowing our shoot to start and finish at the agreed times.

    • If you wish to travel long distances from the meeting point to a location this will be included in your allocated time. I often have multiple bookings in a day and need to keep to a schedule so expect that I will be returned to the arranged meeting point at the agreed photoshoot end time. 

    • If you have specific requirements regarding travel to/from locations please discuss this with me in advance of the booking.

  • Location bookings: If I will be travelling in your car I will require your name, address and car registration plate in advance of the shoot for safety reasons. I will also assume that you have scouted the area and have a backup plan in case of severe weather conditions. If we are unable to shoot due to the location conditions I will still require payment in full.

  • Levels:  I enjoy shooting a whole range of styles including: Portraiture, lifestyle, Acro*, aerial, fashion/clothed work, lingerie, glamour, dance, body paint/SFX, artistic nude and some fetish styles.

    • I do not work to "Adult" levels: If you are unsure on my levels please ask, I do not consent to my labia being photographed under any circumstances but am happy to discuss most project ideas. I reserve the right to decline any pose/style on the day if it has not been discussed and agreed to in advance.

    • Fetish styles: Please contact me with specific details at the point of booking for fetish based shoots. I am very open minded as long as everything is discussed in advance (at the point of making the booking, so I can consent to the specific content and how it will be distributed before any travel plans etc. are made - Please DO NOT assume I am comfortable with anything that has not been explicitly discussed before a shoot commences). I can also recommend some highly skilled riggers and/or self-tie for rope based shoots, but will not be tied by the photographer unless explicitly agreed on an individual basis.

    • Erotica: I will not accept bookings for "erotica" as I feel this term is too vague to understand expectations, though I am happy to discuss on an individual basis if a certain level of trust is established - feel free to share mood boards to portray your concept ideas.

    • Please note: I will require warm up/preparation time for any kind of strenuous posing - mainly high energy art-nudes dance or aerial work. I can recommend suitable models/acro partners but will not perform dangerous moves with untrained models.



I am a human being, I always try to be understanding as sometimes things happen beyond our control. I will try to re-arrange if a shoot gets cancelled with adequate notice - please be honest with me, i'm not interested in made up excuses. 

  • Cancellations up to 1 week before the shoot date* will incur a 50% cancellation fee as it is unlikely I can fill your booking and may have to make alternative travel/accommodation plans (I usually book travel in advance). 

*(If I am travelling/ on tour this includes cancellations made up to 1 week in advance of the tour start date which may be earlier than our shoot date).

  • Cancellations within 48 hours of a shoot will require payment in full as it is highly unlikely that I will have the time/access to make other arrangements for this time slot and is likely to have cost me in travel and accommodation.

Please note that if you are model working on a duo+ event with me and you have to cancel at short notice the above cancellation policies will also apply in the case where the event cannot go ahead due to your cancellation.


Photography by Iain T

Photography by Brian J McGowan


Photography by Iain T

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Photography by CSD

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