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About me/levels:

I love working with passionate, enthusiastic photographers/teams - I feed off other peoples creative vibes! I put a lot of effort into delivering you the best possible results on a shoot and love to bounce ideas around. The more creative and unusual the better - I love a challenge and will work very hard to ensure everyone gets images to be proud of!

Having been a professional model for a number of years, I have gained experience in working with photographers and artists of all ages, styles and abilities ranging from amateur through to professional. I enjoy modelling a variety of styles including: Portraiture, lifestyle, Acro*, aerial, fashion/clothed work, lingerie, glamour, dance, duo/trio, body paint/SFX, artistic nude and some fetish styles.

* I am very active and am happy to bring my aerial and acro-yoga/acro balance hobbies into my posing - please enquire for details and I can recommend suitable models/acro partners .

If you are unsure on my levels please ask, I do not work to "Adult" levels but am happy to discuss most project ideas. My body and hair are completely natural, I have natural but tidy pubic hair, no tattoos, no body modifications or implants but can wear earrings on request. I also have a number of wigs and other props I can bring to alter my appearance if requested.

Please note: I have limited availability and often book work 6+ months in advance.

Please see my current tour / travel schedule for events near you.


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